Learning for Life

Our child-centred curriculum enables pupils to become Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners and Confident Individuals within modern Britain.


What is our vision? Why do we do what we do?

We want our curriculum to:

  • Prepare our children for the ‘real world’ by giving them the knowledge and cultural capital they need to be successful in our modern day world.
  • Ensure our children have the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves happy, healthy and safe.
  • Instill a lifelong love of learning beyond education.
  • Instill aspirations.
  • Provide experiences our children may not ever have at home.
  • Enable our children to master the skills and knowledge needed to become mathematicians, readers, writers, communicators, artists, scientists, designers, musicians, historians, geographers and competent users of technology in an evolving technological world.
  • Ultimately, ensure our children become Confident individuals, Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens


How do we make it happen? What does our curriculum look like?

We have a holistic curriculum to give all of our children the best possible opportunities, enabling them to be successful individuals, not just successful academics!

  • We are passionate about reading and believe that this is the key to success. Reading is at the heart of all teaching and learning and we are committed to promoting the love and pleasure of reading in everything we do.
  • We ensure our teaching staff have a good knowledge of the subjects they teach.
  • Through ongoing, continual professional development, we ensure that teaching is never less than good.
  • Wider curriculum areas (humanities and the arts) are carefully planned around a story to create ‘botheredness’. We know that children remember stories, invest in stories, relate to stories and care about the characters in stories. Through a great story, we create emotional investment and engage the hearts of our children. 
  • Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning throughout the whole curriculum, not just in the core subject areas, building on prior knowledge and skills.
  • We continuously build on the cultural capital of our children by providing a range of exciting experiences and exposure to the world of opportunities outside of their community.
  • We teach life skills to prepare our children for the real world, through a variety of workshops and experiences built in to curriculum, focussing solely on these skills (e.g. first aid, mindfulness, careers, physical & mental health awareness and much more). Our Humanities topics also have direct links to ‘life skills’ which are taught as part of children’s learning journeys.


In 2019, Ofsted judged the personal development, behaviour and welfare of our children as ‘outstanding’ with many references to the successful impact our holistic ‘Learning for Life’ curriculum. The quality of teaching, learning and assessment was judged as ‘good’, confirming that our have children the best possible start to their educational journey.

Please read our full ofsted report here – Ofsted Report (2019)